In the summer of ’21, Mærk Outdoor became a reality as an outdoor company on Lolland and Falster. A dream to create the best experiences in nature. A dream carried by a passion for authentic stories and experiences. Created and disseminated based on a local area’s special cultural history, life and environment associated with the coast, water and nature. A love of outdoor life that through trips and courses can help create exciting and fun experiences.



Come and join – I believe that nature experiences can sharpen your presence and the ability to feel yourself. I want to create activities in covenant with people and the surrounding environment, and I make an effort to create experiences in harmony with nature. It is essential for me to create a dynamic space for experience in interaction with you as a guest. Where you and I together feel and sense nature, culture and history around us. That through commitment, presence, curiosity and challenges, we create a common flow, which provides a meaningful and memorable experience together. You and I – we are Mærk!

“Mærk is the result of a lifelong fascination with the sea and a passion for nature and water sports activities. The meeting with Lolland and Falster has inspired the idea of developing outdoor experiences that stimulate curiosity, sensing and learning. Strengthens communities and challenges throughout creativity, acts and movement. ”

Lolland and Falster’s beautiful coasts, forests and nature areas naturally invite you to experiences and activities both on land and in water. I am passionate about creating nature experiences with time for contemplation, good talks and the joy of sharing experiences with others. Experiences where community and spaces for learning are combined with fun and authentic trips along the coasts and in the beautiful nature.



In the summer you will find Mærk at the café Haveje Marielyst . Right by one of Denmark’s best beaches, where it oozes surfchill and relaxed community. In the winter, Mærk stays at Ny Kirstineberg Gods B&B , where you can combine your experiences with accommodation. The most important thing for me is that you feel safe and have a memorable experience on your trip.



Mærk Outdoor is established and owned by me, Rune Mac Donald. I am a certified instructor in SUP, canoeing, kayaking, MTB, climbing etc. on the outdoor instructor education at Paul Petersen’s Sports Institute in Copenhagen. Among many other things, I have worked with the development of tourism experiences as well as site-specific cultural projects and events. It is my special passion and my specialty to develop experiences based on an area’s place-bound potentials. I am passionate about outdoor and cultural experiences in nature developed in collaboration with other local hosts. In 2001, I graduated as an actor, and I have more than 15 years of experience with teaching, instruction, workshops and the like.


I want to inspire you to enjoy nature even more. Give you experiences where you feel yourself. I want to pique curiosity, stimulate sensing and learning, strengthen communities and challenge through creativity, acts and movement. With outdoor experiences on foot, by bike or horseback and along the coast on a SUP board, in a canoe or kayak. All in harmony with nature.



My dream is to invite you on adventures in the cultural history of the local area as well as the coast, water and nature. Where you can “eat your way through the countryside” by catching your own fish for dinner and cooking the meal over a campfire. Or taste the area’s food at the locals, who probably offers a good story or two.



I see Lolland and Falster as “the land of the future and opportunities” and want to be co-creative in a long-term and positive development. For the benefit of the whole area with outdoor tourism as a driving force. Thus, I want to contribute to a vibrant and attractive place for the enjoyment of both locals and visiting guests.


Mærk creates authentic and sensory-saturated outdoor experiences for you who live nearby, for you who visit our beautiful area, and for you who just want to get closer to nature.

All year round I offer courses, tours and equipment rental. I arrange outdoor activities such as SUP, MTB, sauna & winter bathing, canoeing and kayaking as well as hiking and biking. I work with combining outdoor activities with local culture & food initiatives as well as disseminating the history of the local area.

I also offer activities for companies, educational institutions and schools. In the long term, side events will be developed into larger events with themes such as food and local products, maritime resources and sustainability.