Give your winter bathing or private party a nice kick with our cozy sauna. An outdoor sauna with views of nature is outdoor wellness and well-being at its best. With a mobile sauna, you can feel nature up close in some of Denmark’s most beautiful natural surroundings on Lolland and Falster. See your options here:


Prices for rental 1 weekday 4 working days 1 weekend 1 week
Mobile sauna 999,- 3.499,- 3.499,- 4.499,-


There can be approx. 6 people in the sauna. The sauna is fired with wood and becomes hot in less than an hour. A thermometer, sauna bucket and ladle are always included, so you can ad a delicious saunagus experience. The sauna is mounted on a trailer, which can be placed anywhere with a solid surface. At the beach edge, by the cottage or located where you want it. All you need is a car with a towbar and firewood to fire up in the sauna. Straightforward and easy! If you also want to rent a mountain bike, SUP board or similar, you are welcome – you can do it here !


User manual for driving and setting up a sauna trailer – this guide MUST be read by you who rent a sauna trailer:

What does it take to drive the sauna trailer? The sauna is mounted on a trailer with a permissible total weight of 1300kg. Sauna and trailer together weigh approx. 575kg and can be transported with an ordinary car with a towbar, which is approved for this weight. Laws and regulations for trailer weight can be read on FDM’s website.

Before driving: When attaching the trailer, make sure that it is closed completely over the towbar. The arrow at the nose should be on green and not red! | The safety wire must be attached to the car’s safety wire socket | The power plug is mounted and it is checked that all lights works | Make sure the nose wheel is fully raised and locked | On smaller roads, pay attention to bridge heights and low-hanging branches.

Setting up a sauna trailer: Remember to apply the parking brake | Make sure that all the support legs are down and that the sauna is stable | If necessary, adjust with the nose wheel.

Ignition: Open the ash hatch so that there is plenty of air for the first 30 minutes | Provide plenty of firewood so that the sauna heats up quickly and efficiently | Close the ash hatch when the sauna is hot, and supplement with firewood continuously so that the temperature is maintained | NOTE: If you want the sauna very hot, it may be an idea to split small pieces of firewood to throw in the oven.

During use: NO SALT WATER on the stove. No smoking in the sauna.

After use: Cleaning the oven and sauna so that the sauna is delivered in the same condition as it was received.

Before you leave/drive: Repeat the point before driving.



Location: Mosbregnevej 2, 4873 Væggerløse (summer) / Ny Kirstinebergvej 7 – 9, 4800 Nykøbing Falster (winter) | Time: Weekdays (1 day): Pick up at 10.00 – return the following day no later than kl. 9.00 / Weekdays (1-4 days): Pick-up Monday at 10.00 – return no later than Friday at. 9.00 / Weekend (1-3 days): Pick-up Friday at 10.00 – return no later than Monday at 9.00 / 1 week (1-7 days): Pick-up Monday at 10.00 – return no later than Monday at 9.00 | Bring: Towel, swimwear / sandals, water.


Prices and Payment

We reserve the right to make errors in our stated prices. Furthermore, we reserve the right to change prices without prior consent. Reservations are made for sold out goods and services. All prices on the website are stated incl. 25% VAT and does not include firewood, water, oils etc. When booking sauna rentals and private events, you will receive an invoice for the full amount. Once we have received your payment, your booking is confirmed.

Conditions and Rules

The tenant must have read and understood the instructions before using the sauna trailer. If it is assessed that the manual has not been followed, we reserve the right to post-invoice misuse and any lost parts. Lost and damaged parts are invoiced at the purchase price. When renting a sauna, the sauna and wood-burning stove must always be returned in a neat and cleaned condition. In the event of non-cleaning, a supplement of DKK 650 incl. VAT is calculated. For sauna rental, delivery and pick-up can be purchased. The shipping price depends on your residence, but always a minimum of DKK 1,400 incl. VAT for delivery and collection up to 100 km. from Nykøbing Falster. When driving beyond the total of 200 km. a supplement of DKK 5 per km.

Insurance and Liability

When the customer transports the rented sauna trailer himself, it is his insurance that covers any damage or the like during the transport. It is the tenant’s own responsibility to investigate whether the tenant’s insurance company covers any damages. It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that everything is properly strapped to the trailer and that it is safe to drive. We refer to the general rules for trailer driving. Upon delivery, it is Mærk Experience ApS that is liable for any damage and extra costs of transport. As soon as the rented sauna trailer has been delivered or picked up, it is the customer’s responsibility to apply a lock on both the trailer and the entrance to the sauna.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that the sauna isn’t damaged before use, that it is set up legally, that the equipment is used correctly and that there is no damage to the equipment. The customer is responsible and liable for any parking fines as well as damage, vandalism and the like that are caused to the sauna / trailer during the rental period. Mærk Experience ApS reserves the right to have all costs covered by repair or replacement of lost or damaged equipment covered. In the event of damage to third party property caused by rented equipment, the tenant is liable with his own liability insurance. Use of rented equipment is at your own risk. Mærk Experience ApS has no liability in relation to damage to the landlord or his property during the sauna activity.

Right of withdrawal / Cancellation policy

You have a 14-day right of withdrawal on your reservation. If you cancel the booking within 14 days, we will credit the full amount. If you cancel the booking more than 14 days after the booking date, only any transport costs, surcharges and half of the rental price will be refunded. You can always postpone your reservation up to 30 days before the settlement date. We reserve the right to reject dates if the selected service is not available at the desired time. If the reservation is canceled less than 30 days before the settlement time, it is not possible to cancel the reservation. Only transport costs and surcharges are refunded here. If the reservation is canceled less than 7 days before the settlement time, the full amount incl. transport, surcharge and rental price is invoiced. If you want to cancel, please call +45 23343555 or write an email to


In connection with a refund, please enclose bank information in the form of reg. No. and account no. The information is only used to complete the refund.

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